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The Project Concept

This project aims to validate solutions for the piston rod and sealing system within wave energy devices to deal with marine growth, corrosion and wear to ensure the life expectancy of the internal protective seals. The seals are critical components that are subjected to wear due to surface roughness (corrosion, marine growth), speed, temperature, lubrication etc. due to the motion in and out of the device. The tests will be carried out in accelerated forms in lab environments as well as in field environments at Kristineberg innovation and research stations, Corpower test facility in Stockholm, WavEC´s test site in Portugal and Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands (PLOCAN), Spain. The European H2020 Waveboost project developed a test rig for accelerated tests of the piston rod to be used in this project to simulate the actual working conditions. The results will contribute to increased knowledge and optimization of suitable protective coatings and their durability in environments relevant for wave energy converters to predict service intervals.

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Project Team


Dr. Emiliano Pinori

Phone: +46 70 527 56 13

Senior research scientist & Manager of Business Development for the Department of Chemistry and Materials at RISE. Focused on antifouling research since 2008 starting with MARINORD project, a Nordic countries collaboration research program, focusing on novel biocides and release rate control (low emission and encapsulation of biocides). Coordinator for two other projects, the EU (FP7) LEAF project on Low Emission and the EU “OCEANERA-NET” OCEANIC project on corrosion and antifouling measures for ocean energy devices. Author of publications on the post settlement enhanced mortality used in the low emission concept used in many research projects and in material development projects.

Antoine Bonel.jpg

Antoine Bonel 

Phone: +46 73 323 14 90

Lead mechanical engineer at CorPower that takes a particular role of investigating and improving the performance of the sealing systems; one of the most critical systems of the WEC product overall. Antoine will use his extensive experience from leading initial activities in the H2020 Waveboost project where valuable research was conducted on optimising the sealing systems and also investigating effect and failure modes/mechanisms. The DE-RISK project will allow the knowledge and technical capabilities to be conserved and greatly furthered as we move to move extensive testing and at various scales. 


Kjell-Åke Andersson 

Phone: +46 70 567 56 17

Engineer in the section for Product durability at the Department for Corrosion. He has worked with corrosion, climatic and weather durability testing and development for almost 30 years. During the years has he also participated in various projects in these areas,  since 2012, my focus is in the area for atmospheric and marine corrosion.

Johan Linden.png

Johan B Lindén

Phone: +46 76 864 00 66

Researcher in the section for Surface protection and Corrosion at the Department of Chemistry and Materials at RISE. Working with accelerated corrosion tests since 2016 with a focus on atmospheric and marine corrosion. Previous experience and author of publications on novel antifouling concept and advanced surface characterisation of ultra-thin polymeric coatings.

Pierre Ingmarsson.png

Pierre Ingmarsson

Phone: +46 70 620 52 90

M.Sc. Master Mechanical Engineering Pierre has more than 15 years of combined experience from R&D and project management. He did a master’s in mechanical engineering at Luleå University, Sweden. He is an active member of Ocean Energy Europe and takes part in the Ocean Energy Forum (EC) and TPOcean. He worked as an engineer and as project manager at Volvo Cars for 8 years and he is currently a senior project manager at RISE. Pierre has a long track in Project management (PROPS, Human Element, Strategic Project Management).

RossHarnden2 (3).jpg

Ross Harnden

Phone: +46 73 573 89 53

Technical Project Manager at CorPower Ocean. He has worked for more than 7 years within engineering research in aerospace and vehicle engineering in Sweden and the UK. In addition to project management Ross has extensive experience in lightweight materials, composites, and electrochemistry. He has a passion for renewable energy and the low carbon transition having grown up surrounded by ocean energy in Orkney, Scotland. Completed a Masters degree in Aeronautical Engineering from University of Glasgow and a PhD in Multifunctional Materials from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.”


Pär Johannesson

Phone: +46 70 617 58 14

Pär Johannesson (male) PhD Senior Researcher at RISE mainly within industrial and research projects on statistical methods for load analysis, reliability and fatigue, received his PhD in Mathematical Statistics in 1999 at Lund Institute of Technology, with a thesis on statistical load analysis for fatigue. He has published about 15 papers in international journals and is a co-editor of the handbook "Guide to Load Analysis for Durability in Vehicle Engineering".


Peter Petrov

Phone: +46 73 860 52 00

Project Manager with 15 years of combined work experience in mechanical engineering, custom machine building, and project management with proven record of success leading all phases of diverse technology projects with cross functional teams.

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